Saturday, November 21, 2015

5 Abandoned Warehouse Street Art: Illustrator Style

 photo WareHJackalopeMask_zpsu46pvnvd.jpg
Jackalope mask pays homage to Princess Mononoke.

 photo WareHFactoryWhale_zpsxcm1sjjy.jpg
Whale head on head of impaled figure. The first kanji character is part of the word whale or whaling, the last one might mean strength but I can't figure out more than that.

 photo WarehouseFactoryGirl_zpsenvejef3.jpg
Unhappy girl.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

4 Abandoned Warehouse Street Art: Poultry

 photo WarehouseDuckToothWallEdge_zpsewwnnivq.jpg
Toothed duck peeking around a corner.

 photo WarehouseDuckToothWallBrigh_zpsykzpsiyr.jpg
Another toothed duck. It's like Daffy Duck went on an acid trip or something...

 photo WarehouseRooster_zpsvicihuov.jpg
Cigar smoking rooster. by Putos.

Saturday, November 07, 2015

3 Abandoned Warehouse Street Art: Faces

 photo WarehouseAbstractColourFace_zpsdoceu2iz.jpg
From the previous post featuring abstraction.

 photo WarehouseSprayCanFaceCLEAN_zpsl2dik4d2.jpg
Detail of face, with DOG tag digitally scrubbed back.

 photo WarehouseFaceBW_zpsy8e5s8be.jpg
Simple linework face peeking through high, reinforced, frosted windows (in 'office' area?).