Monday, April 11, 2016

Pasta with Basil Cashew Pesto and Wilted Spinach

This is my favourite, no fuss, vegetarian lunch when I have homegrown basil. If I don't have spinach I up the parsley to get some green goodness in there.

spinach leaves
a small handful of fresh basil leaves
a smaller quantity of parsley (optional)
one to two cloves of garlic depending on size
freshly ground salt and pepper
a small handful of roasted, salted cashews*
raw pasta for one

While pasta is cooking:
1. Rip herbs into smaller pieces and add to mortar. Grind.
2. Add peeled garlic and grind.
3. Add nuts and grind.

 photo SpinachPestoPasta6up_zps6rpvxeyb.jpg
4. You should end up with a bright green, thick paste like this. Season with salt and pepper.
5. Add a handful of grated parmesan and a good slurp of olive oil. Stir with flexible spatula into a thick paste.
6. Put ripped or chopped up fresh spinach leaves into a colander. Drain your freshly cooked pasta through colander to cook spinach.

7.Tip contents of colander into large bowl, and stir through pesto. Serve immediately.
 photo SpinachPestoPasta_zpsjozzqyms.jpg

* or pinenuts or any roasted nut you like. Unroasted peanuts and macademias should work well

The Wild at Off The Kerb Gallery

 photo OTKbutterflies3up_zpsaemry7mk.jpg
These three paper butterflies will be in The Wild at Off the Kerb gallery.
'Off the Kerb is pleased to celebrate its 9th Birthday Show by inviting you into The Wild, where your imagination can run wild. We invite you into a utopian wilderness where there are 
no boundaries, freedom and beauty is bountiful, a place where love runs wild, wilder beasts and divine creatures roam free - you are fearless.....untamed....... 
Enter The Wild...
OTK celebrates its 9th Birthday with this group exhibition in support of Edgar’s Mission. 
Edgar’s Mission is a not for profit Farm Sanctuary that seeks to create 
a humane and just world for homeless, abused, injured or abandoned animals.
OTK will be donating the gallery commission to Edgar’s Mission'

Off the Kerb gallery.
Opening: Fri 8 April 6-9pm |
7 April - 21 April 2016
66B Johnston St, Collingwood, 3066
9077 0174 | 0400 530 464
Thurs & Fri 12:30- 6 | Sat & Sun 12 - 5
Free Entry

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Meerkat Family at Werribee Open Range Zoo

 photo MeerkatFamily_zpsj0p4rpwd.jpg
Meerkat family at Werribee Open Range Zoo recently welcomed two new additions. A coworker of mine told me about it after seeing it on the news. I made sure I visited within a week to see these sweet little fuzzballs who grow up rather quickly. Both pups were suckling much less on my second visit. I saw one of the pups eating something solid. It was very keen not to let any other meerkat get too close!

 photo MeerkatSentryWBub3sq_zps8zvtirey.jpg
A perched meerkat with its eyes shut - albeit temporarily - is a rare sight.

 photo BabyMeerkatFuzzy1wk2_zpsjd9zjczs.jpg
Week 2.

 photo BabyMeerkatLogLeaves_zpsghtn9nhi.jpg

 photo BabyMeerkatLeafwk2_zpsokleepz0.jpg

 photo MeerkatRelax_zpsyafyuw4t.gif
A chilled out sentry.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

DIY Plant Markers

Icy pole and icecream sticks should always be saved because they are useful.  They can be used to stir a small pot of paint, to mix and apply two part expoxy resin aka Araldite, and with a pencil or waterproof pen/biro...

...they make biodegradable plant markers.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Pink Bounty Slushy with Bamix

Homemade #slushy with my #Bamix 

I call this one the Pink Bounty. It's a cup full of frozen #watermelon, a tablespoon of desiccated #coconut - have previously used fresh coconut - and a pinch of #rawcacaonibs with a cup of water

#plasticfree #thesourcebrunswick #ilovemybamix

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Standing at the Back Dressed Stupidly and Looking Stupid Party

'The Standing at the Back Dressed Stupidly and Looking Stupid Party was a political party during the Regency era.' From

Louis Vuitton, Vogue November 2012

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Chanel Toilet Roll Clutch

The title says it all. From Vogue, October 2013

Thursday, February 18, 2016

WhiteNight Melbourne Map looks like...

I settled down to plan my WhiteNight this weekend. I laid the map out to one side and realised the main group of precincts looks like a penis.
 photo WhiteNightBlueHumour_zpsyhgnwanv.jpg
Mean while The Big Top in red, in this new context resembles female gentalia with an engorged clitoris/piercing.

Normally it has those paths and another set which looks like a bra.
 photo CarltonGardenBra_zpsdd99i145.jpg